Hacking the Google Maps

You must at certain point of time in your life while enjoying the luxury of navigation services like Google Maps, have thought about how it works. Right?

And now that you are in an IIT, and very much interested in Computer Science. Don’t you want to make your own Google Maps? Recall all your computer science knowledge as we want to know how you will do it.

A few pointers before you start :

  • Please don’t copy solutions from blogs and internet. We have kept the competition open. If you copy from blogs and it’s highly likely that someone else might also do. Then your pull requests will reveal that.
  • It’s in the best interest for everyone that no one copies anything from any blog and puts some real efforts in thinking about the problem and coming up with innovative solutions.
  • We will not only judge on correctness, i.e. how close is your solution to what we expected but we will also put efforts to understand how you reached to that solution and if there is some creativity in the solution, its a big plus!

How to submit

  1. Create a fork of this repository in your personal GitHub namespace.
  2. Create a new file named where rollnumber will be replaced by your institute roll numbers and copy in it. (Do not edit as the DIFF will be very large and non-continuous)
  3. Change the file according to your algorithms, thinking and the instructions given.
  4. Commit the file and create a pull request.
  5. Mention @rishi-s8 or @shreyasbapat in your Pull Request.
  6. You can only edit the submission by making a new commit.

Submission Deadline : 24 May 2020 23:59 IST

Submission Deadline : 26 May 2020 23:59 IST

Submissions Closed

Results will be out on 30 May 2020 14:00 IST

Results will be out on 02 June 2020 18:00 IST


All the participants focussed on solving some part the main problem. Hence, there are no positions for the winners. Each of the following is the winner of the contest. The order is the same as appearing on the sidebar.

Congratulations to the Winners!